Who are you?

Are you an network marketer whose tired of struggling to find leads day in and day out without success? Have you paid countless dollars for leads that get you nothing in return?
Hi, my name is James Crothers and I can totally relate. In my first year as a network marketer I saw it all. I was so tired of doing the same thing and getting the same results until I did this one thing and it changed everything!

I believe it is safe to say that the best way to become SUCCESSFUL is to develop the solution to a HUGE problem and then SHARE it with the public. Well folks that is what I am doing here and now! When I began my career in Network Marketing, I started with a little company called Syntek Global. Syntek taught me a very good lesson. If you want to make money, find the biggest problem possible and then create a solution. Syntek Global created a solution to the ever rising gas prices around the world and they are an incredibly successful company. I was blown away by the opportunity to join such an innovative company! I dove in head first and was on fire my first 90 days in the business. I literally called everyone I know, plastered the hood of my truck, made business cards, the whole 9 yards! About 4 months into the business my friends refused to answer my calls, my family was sick of hearing about “the business” and I was not making the millions I had imagined. I discovered a BIG PROBLEM: I had no more leads.
I started searching for ways to gain MLM leads. I found hundreds of websites that promised leads…worthless. I tried buying leads that were deemed *FIRE HOT*, and once again they turned up being worthless (some of the phone numbers were  even disconnected, which I found hilarious!). I was not laughing at the time, in fact I was doing the complete opposite. I decided to contact my upline for advice. He truly wanted to help me because he saw the FIRE in my eye. He gave a bunch of leads, but nothing worked as massively as I needed for the level of success I was striving for. I needed an unlimited supply of adequate leads and I needed them fast.
I hung up my phone, got online and started working. I began formulating a system that would supply me with never-ending leads. After weeks of perfecting this system I had finally nailed it! I created a system to reach the masses in just minutes. I worked my system for an hour a day and every morning I was waking up with multiple replies in my mail box from people who wanted to know more.  I had done it! I was so excited I started working the system for hours each day only to wake up in the morning and find I had too much mail to handle myself. I was getting hundreds of positive responses towards my opportunity with just a few steps. I even had my fiance sit down and help me reply to all the inquiries!!! Before I knew it, we had down lines in 5 different countries and were making more money then we ever had!
Today my organization is massive and stretches across the entire globe! I’m to the point where I don’t even have to practice this system anymore because I have effectively taught so many others to do the same thing, now all I have to do is teach others.

I LOVE NETWORK MARKETING and I believe it is the most ELITE Industry to belong to, with the most ELITE business people. I want to do everything in my power to help make sure everyone in the industry becomes SUCCESSFUL.  I think we can all agree that getting leads is a BIG PROBLEM, which can destroy someones business and ruin their outlook on this industry. I am here to share with the entire MLM industry that I have found a solution to that problem.  I am here to HELP LEAD THE ELITE!

© 2012 James Crothers