Who, What, Where, and HOW!

I feel it is unfortunate that people think network marketing has to be done in person. Yes, there definitely are many MLM opportunities that you must get out there, network, build a personal business network, and make sales, most opportunities today can be done solely online! This is the ideal situation for someone who is not comfortable interacting with strangers in person. It is also perfect for someone with a full-time job that would like to get into network marketing on a part time basis. What is the path to success?

Leads come from all over, and you may not know they are a lead right away. Most any interaction online can turn into potential lead. Some people think “you will need at least a dozen or more high ranking lead-capture sites. These sites do nothing but collect leads for you, but you need to act on them.”

Social Networks are the back bone of my organization
No one can really understand the power of social networking until they have taken advantage of it and experienced the opportunities they can and do award.


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