Learn your business.

Like any business you need to know all you can about your Network marteting business. You need to know as much as you can about the company your with, simple things like how long they have been trading, who are the founders, what country do they trade in, what are the products, how do the products get to purchaser, is there an autoship programme and of course how you make the money.

Systematically go through these basics with your upline or sponsor and make sure you have all the basic facts you need to get started. Now that doesn’t mean you have to know all the ducks guts before you get started but you need to know enough to feel confident in talking with others.trans Network Marketing Tip # 3The more you get out there and talk to people the more you learn and the faster you learn so don’t fall for the trap of needing to know everything before you get started. I found that by having just a basic understanding of my business I was able to talk to others in such a way that I could comfortably refer them to a website for more information or get them on a three way call with my upline,  or get them along to the weekly meeting.

-Leading the Elite


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