Leaders Nurture and Celebrate the Success of their Followers

You’re in business for yourself and have a responsibility for it. You have goals you set, ranks you reach, and other benchmarks that tell you when you’re on or off track. This can make you become self-centered and take you down the wrong path.
One of the things capable leaders do is measure, monitor, and modulate their progress by using benchmarks of people on their team.
Instead of focusing on just your rank advancement, think about getting five of your personal enrollees to their next rank. Doing this will certainly help your own advancement, and it will do it better. Because there will be a stronger foundation underlying your progress. Zig Ziglar’s been saying it for 40 years: If you help enough people get what they want; you’ll get what you want.
And it should go without saying, but won’t, leaders don’t fear their people’s progress or get jealous of it. They celebrate it!
For five years in a row, I was the top income earner in my company. By the third year in my acceptance speech I said I wanted one of my team members to take it from me the next year. And while some came close, no one unseated me.
Then earlier this year, for one month, one of my personal Diamond Directors was the top earner, beating me out. I couldn’t have been happier.
My goal is to have at least five of my personals earning more than me. Which of course would probably combine to make me the top income earner again. And then I will work again to get at least five earning more than me. And continue the vicious cycle of abundance…
-Randy Cage
Leadership Lesson:
Recognize and celebrate the achievements of your team, and there will always be more to recognize and celebrate.

Leading the ELite


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