Rejection will be your best friend.

When you join a multi-level marketing company, your family and friends immediately become your initial prospects. But you have to accept the fact that not everyone is interested in making money through MLM, so be prepared to be rejected.

When you’re best friend refuses to join in, don’t take it personally, be a good sport and accept his or her decision then continue down your list of potential clients.

Think of prospecting in network marketing as a sifting process.

Accepting “no” is merely part of the process of finding those who say “yes”.

It is important to increase the number of people we talk to about our business. If you only talk to a dozen people in the course of a week, the act of rejection by those few becomes bigger than life. If you contact a few dozen people each week, rejection is no problem because a few will always get involved! Remember this law of balance: Increase the number of approaches and decrease the impact of rejection.


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