You Grow Your People, and They Grow the Network

You can’t actually grow your network, no one can. Networks are constantly morphing organizations, made up of many divergent kinds of people, culture, work habits, systems, and philosophy. The individual actions of the majority become the driving factor of what the network does.
And that starts with personal growth…
One of the things I’ve been saying for more than twenty years now is – your business will grow only as fast as you do. Everything you do to grow yourself somehow helps your business grow.
Learning a foreign language, taking a philosophy class in night school, or even studying yoga will cause good things to happen in your biz. There is an osmosis that takes place as you grow in any area that transfers to other areas.
You develop confidence, poise, wisdom, knowledge, and skills. All of these things make you more attractive to prospects and increases the respect you receive from your team.
The key is creating a culture of personal growth in your team…
It’s not enough to tell your people to read positive books or listen to positive audios. Truth is, most people don’t even know what that means.

If you have a structured self-development program for your team, you’ll see dramatically better results. Things like a book of the month program or subscription series for audios work amazingly well.

-Randy Gage

Leadership Lesson:
Just like your own growth grows your business, the growth of the individual people on your team is what causes your network to grow


Leading the Elite


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