You Don’t Manage People – You Lead People and Manage Things

One of the big problems in Network Marketing is the terms companies adopt for rank advancements. They love to give people titles like Manager, Directors, and Supervisors. And these are usually for entry-level ranks.
So what happens?
Someone sponsors four people and becomes a “Manager.” Now they want to stop recruiting and “manage” their team. Or they have ten team members, which makes them a “Supervisor.” Now they think it’s all about supervising their group instead of actually doing the business.
Network Marketing is not about managing people, it’s about leading them. That means setting an example, modeling the behavior and reaching down in the group, guiding and training.

Leadership is the ability to cause people to willingly do things, they wouldn’t ordinarily want to do.
That’s all leadership is in a nutshell. Not forcing people to do things; causing them to want to do things. Especially things they normally wouldn’t want to do.
We often look to the military for leadership examples, because the examples are so compelling. Someone decides to charge a machine gun nest, throw themselves on a grenade, or take some other heroic action to save their unit or innocent civilians. That doesn’t happen without strong, powerful leadership from the field leaders, perhaps even up to the head of State.
Now obviously we don’t need such dramatic actions from people in our business. But when you lead the team adroitly, you do cause them to decide to do things they didn’t want to do when they first joined the business. These can range from buying and wearing their first tie, hosting their first home meeting, or speaking in front of a large crowd.
-Randy Gage

Leadership Lesson:
Manage the things: autoships, event attendance, volume, training, etc. But when it comes to your people – lead them.

Leading the Elite


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