Top 3 MLM Tips for Presenting

1. Never apologize. People cannot tell you are nervous or that it is your first time..unless you tell them.

2. Imagine a power suit. Before your presentation, imagine in your mind that the outfit you are wearing is a magical suit that makes you powerful. Really feel the energy surging within you once you have it on. This is a fun way to feel more powerful for your presentations.

3. Get interaction. If more presenters of network marketing did this, it would be so very powerful. Ask your audience why they are here and what they hope to learn. If you can get the guests to voice pain before you present, you are going to have hotter prospects.


-Leading the Elite


4 responses to “Top 3 MLM Tips for Presenting

  1. it was nice to read your blog. the thoughts are very well laid out and it was refreshing to read. i was able to find the information that i was looking for. thanks.

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