The 10 Golden Rules of Network Marketing


We all know that there are many people who don’t make it in the Network Marketing industry. It’s not because of the industry. Maybe they didn’t choose the right opportunity for them. But most likely it is because they don’t know how to do it or they know, but they are not following the rules of a successful business. If you know someone that could fit that description, read below and foward them the 10 golden rules of Network Marketing:

1. Purpose

This is first because it is fundamental. This is the “why” you are doing the business. The “why” is different for everybody, so when I ask my possible partners (read prospects) why they want to do this business and they answer me that they want ”more money”, I know I have to dig a little bit deeper. The “why” must be emotional, not logical. A good “why” would be that this person is “scared that she won’t have enough to retire and will loose her home” or that this other person “is sad because she can’t spend time with her kids, so she would like to work from home to spend time with her kids“. See here the “scared” and “sad” emotions. If someone doesn’t have an emotional “why”, he or she will quit at the first disappointment.

2. Plan

This is the “how“. You have a strong “why” and you must now find out how you are going to do this business. You must put together a plan of action. A good way to do it would be to work with our upline so they can help you find the best marketing plan for you to use. When you have a plan, write it down, this will make it “real”.

3. Belief

At all times, you must believe. You must believe that you are in the right industry, the right company with the right product and that you have the right team to support you. Most importantly you must believe in yourself! There are so many people with no dream, no hope who will try to bring you down. You must keep believing. Successful people believe in what they do.

4. Goals

I like the saying “a goal is a dream with an expiration date“. This would be the end result of your plan. Like the plan, you must write it down and give figures: How many customers do you want this month? This week? How may new partners? When do you want to reach the next level in your organization? You must know “when” and “how many” or “how much“. Then as you develop your business, compare your progress with your plan and adjust your daily actions to reach your goals.

5. Optimism

You will always find people who have opinions different than yours. You must respect them but you don’t want them to affect your belief. You must stay optimistic about what you are doing at all times. You may have a bad week where you didn’t talk to enough people, where you didn’t sponsor anybody and it’s ok. You must stay positive and work hard to catch up the week after.

6. Commitment

Stick with it! You may have doubts at times and many people will try to talk you out of it, even some family members who will think you have been brainwashed in “one of those pyramid schemes“… Don’t give up, they don’t have the knowledge that you do. They are stuck in their lives and you are evolving, growing. Successful people know it and they never give up. When they have an idea and a goal, they do whatever it takes to make it happen.

7. People skills

Network Marketing is a people business. Your success is strongly linked to other people (your team members) success. You must help people to help yourself. You should focus on ”building your downline without building you downline“. What does that mean? It means that if you focus on helping people reach their goals, if you help them solve their problems, you will see your organization grow as a result. This is what marketing is all about : helping people solve their problems (using your solution of course!)

8. Lead by example

People follow people. You can tell people to do something, if you are not doing what you are telling them to do, people will not do it. If you want your team to use a training system, then you must yourself use the system. Lead by example. This is a very obvious notion but many people forget it.

9. Take action

If there is only one rule you must remember, it has to be this one. You must take action! You must know the saying that says: “knowledge is power“. Well, in my opinion, it is incomplete. It should says: “APPLIED knowledge is power“! You may know many things but if you don’t use what you know, you will not get anything out of it. So make sure that if you learn a new marketing method, you will apply it in your business. Results come from actions not from thinking about it.

10. Create leaders

The ultimate goal of network marketing is to create leverage. You achieve success when you create true leverage within your downline. So take step 1 to 9 and teach them to your team members. You must find, in your team, who is ready to work hard an succeed. Then focus on these people and create leaders. Then teach those leaders to create leaders in their organization. This is the way to strong leverage and real freedom.

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