MLM Tips for Managing Your Downline

MLM Tips for Managing Your Downline

If you want to succeed in network marketing, you can’t do it alone. You need a team. And, like any other team, your network marketing downlines require some management. Without it, your team will likely stagnate or quit completely.

Unfortunately, though it’s an easy concept to understand, it isn’t always that easy to successfully do. By implementing these network marketing tips with your downline, you can grow your business faster and stronger.

First, you need to recognize the three categories of distributors that make up your organization:

  1. Distributors From Hell. These are the ones that simply suck the life out of you day after day. They’re the dark clouds that have no business in this business. They come to meetings and complain. They’re full of excuses. The products aren’t right, their sponsor didn’t call back fast enough… you name it, they’ll gripe about it. They will demand most of your time if you let them. The best advice is to not sponsor them in the first place. But if they manage to get in your downline, DO NOT focus too much of your time on them. Don’t fall into their trap! You cannot fix them. Ever.
  2. The Rank and File Downline Distributors. By far, the largest number of your distributors will be those who range from mildly interested to fully motivated, but not superstars. Which is totally fine. Collectively, this is the life blood of your organization. So you have to be wise about your time. Offer enough support so that they have the opportunity to rise up, but be careful not to do everything for them. Since they may not be fully skilled in network marketing, they may call on you to close all their deals, do all their back office work and solve all their problems. You must train, support and empower them, but insist that they develop their own skills. Hold group trainings and encourage webinar attendance so that they learn how to do things themselves. Be totally there for them, but remember that you are not their secretary or customer service department!
  3. The Builders. These are those few, true go-getters who take control of their business and do what it takes to make it happen, no matter what. We love them. But beware! It is a common management mistake to focus on the weak, because they are the ones that need the help. Builders are self-sufficient, so they don’t need your constant attention, right? Wrong!

A common example: You have 2 distributors in your downline for 2 months. Distributor A sponsored 1 person, and Distributor B sponsored 5.

You’re working really hard with Distributor A to get him his 2nd one, thinking that he just needs one more to get going. Without realizing it, you make Distributor B secondary, since she’s doing great and doesn’t need any hand-holding.

But think about it. If you spend your time doubling Distributor A’s success, you’ll add 1 distributor to your downline. Double Distributor B’s success and you’ll add 5. And of course, 5 new distributors growing your business is better than 1.

Focus For Success

As your downline organization grows, you will start to get busy. Focus one-on-one and give constant attention to your Builders, support and develop, beware of your time wasting Distributors and watch your downlines grow strong.

Want help building a killer organization? If you’re interested in working with James, let us know!

-Leading the Elite

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