Do You Know Your “WHY”?

Why do you want to succeed in Network Marketing? What motivates you? How strong is your “Why”?

Those are the most important questions which you need to ask yourself before you start a Network Marketing Business. Even before you are going to find the best opportunity in the world; even before you agreed with your friend to take part in MLM Business opportunity presentation; even before,before, before…

OK, so why this question is so important?You believe that Network Marketing Business is a great opportunity which can give you something that you don’t have now: all your freedom, all your money, the lifestyle that you always dreamed about, and so on, and so on…Or maybe you have a desire to proof something that you didn’t proof yet. Whatever your goals are, you want them to become your reality.

You want to succeed!

Wow, that Presentation was great! You liked a person who was speaking (a true Guru with such a great charisma!), you felt excited about the compensation plan (and of course, it’s the best plan in the world: they will pay you big commissions and bonuses continuously); and the company is so solid and so reliable (they have high quality booklets, websites, big warehouses, 300 employees), etc.

You closed your eyes, and in your mind you saw yourself driving your dream car to your dream house. It’s such a wonderful picture! You have a warm feeling in your heart… And on the top of that your best friend will be your Sponsor. That’s even better! You get excited. You signed. You became a Distributor.

You want to succeed!

Yes! You are so happy: you want to share with the entire world this great opportunity and your vision. You already see all neighbours, friends and family members in your successful team – Your Dream Team.  You share with them your joy!…And in return you get: “Are you crazy? What are you talking about! I always knew that you can do something stupid! What business? They just cheated on you! This is a pyramid! They will take all your money!”,etc. …They knocked you down…Your loved ones, your friends, your neighbours… It is such a painful feeling…Suddenly the world around you became colored in gray.

Do You still want to succeed?

No doubt! That is why your “WHY” becomes so important. Your “WHY” has to be solid as a rock: you are building your future dreams on it. Your “WHY” must become your burning desire to reach your goals, to accomplish your dreams; to defeat all your inner obstacles and fears.

Your “WHY” has to be strong enough to carry you through the stormy sea of rejection, complains, renunciation and criticism of your neighbours, friends and family – your most loved ones. When you will find your strong “WHY” and write it on the piece of paper, nothing and nobody will stop you of turning your dreams into reality.

You will Succeed!


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