10 Secrets of Invitation in Network Marketing Business

The following 10 tips which I wanted to share are very helpful, especially for the people who are very new into the MLM Business.

1. Before you give the Business Invitation, make sure you are not travelling, you are in piece area. Don’t show that you are in hurry and trying to wind up the call. All these things give a better impression.

2. Listening is also a very important factor, which you should master. Without listening to the person, you cannot pick his HOT button. So first listen and understand about him, ask about him like – his profession, his area of stay in city, and his intentions to “Join your business”.

3. Before telling anything about Business, tell him about the money and the growth. Give him one example for the earnings of your Up line.

4. Based on the information captured by you, pick his one HOT BUTTON and speak according to him and give the Business invitation.

5. Stand in front of mirror while inviting over to the phone, make sure you are smiling a bit. Your actual smile image gets reflected and puts impression onto the person you are talking. Behave like a Gentleman.

6. Don’t be a beggar, show some attitude, Remember more degree of attitude gets converted into arrogance. So avoid arrogance. There is very thin line difference between attitude and arrogance.

7. Be honest and simple over to the phone

8. Talk less, crisp and precise

9. Don’t reveal full information, just on the phone. Create curiosity and invite.

10. Make sure you exchange the Venue/time and contact details.

-Leading the Elite


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