How To Leverage Your MLM Team – Working With Your Sponsor


How To Leverage Your MLM Team –  Working With Your Sponsor

One of the best ways of leveraging your MLM team is by working with your direct sponsor, and/if not your sponsor’s sponsor. Assume you are making a call to one of the leads you got and you have created a great relationship with him and he starts to build some trust for you. He starts finding out more about you, your company and wants to join you, should you sign him up right away? Maybe we should assume your prospect is looking for a new MLM company to join but they are not sure if you are the right person they should sign under, what should you do now?
MLM Team

The best way to proceed is to mention that you will give him some time to think through it and FOLLOW UP with him at another time. This is the point where you want to ask him when will he be free again and tell him you will be calling him at that day and time. That is also when you want to schedule a call with your sponsor to get on a 3-way call with you. During that phone call, you want to introduce your sponsor by edifying them – and sharing how much they have achieved, or how much they have inspired you and let them do the talking. Your sponsor should of course, in turn edify you and share why it is so great to be working with you in the business.

By leveraging your sponsor’s success in your MLM team (after all, they sponsored you) and mutually edifying each other, your prospect will be more attracted to join your MLM team as he sees that you are in a team that is supporting one another and making each other feel good. By having a “sample” of what it would be like in your community, your prospect will likely say “YES” to joining your opportunity.

-Leading the Elite


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