6 MLM Tips For Explosive Downline Growth

6 MLM Tips For Explosive Downline Growth

Tip #1See the big picture. Network Marketing isn’t all about recruiting. Recruiting is easy and a pretty straight forward process. You generate leads, they go into your funnel, you feed them some content, teach them a few things and show them your presentation. You need to have the end goal in mind. Growing a massive team of distributors across the nation, having your team grow without you doing anything.

Tip #2: Build a personal email list: I know this one is pretty much common sense, but the fact is that a fraction of Networkers are doing it. If you’re using online marketing to build your business, you probably have this covered. What I’m saying is build a PERSONAL email list. Send every message from YOU personally. People work with people, not companies.

Tip #3: Use a sales funnel: If you’re not using a sales funnel in your MLM business, you’re probably making 20% or less of what you could be making. Not going to go into detail on this one as there’s too much to say.  Basically sales funnels build relationships with your leads. Your marketing generates leads and should be the core of your business. It won’t work without it. Then your funnel sells an inexpensive piece of information, any info product or whatever. That puts people on your buyers list and also cash in your pocket. Once people are on your buyers list, you can repeatedly sell them stuff. From there you can pitch them your MLM.

Tip #4: Using online video presentations & webinars: if you’re not using video or webinars to build your business, you’re simply a fool or a wimp who’s afraid of the camera. Video presentations sell like 500% better than plain old text. If you’re trying to get someone to join your opportunity and you’re presenting them with a company website and a silly article, you’ll fail awfully. However, recording a high quality video presentation using say… Camtasia and PowerPoint will allow you to put your recruiting on autopilot. You simply plug the presentation into your autoresponder series or use it for broadcasts when you run promotions. Really, the perfect mix is to have an excellent video presentation recorded by you personally doing a voice over of a PowerPoint presentation. Then real life footage of yourself chatting, then some text below the video. Of course, and a signup now button. Then webinars, you should hold an opportunity webinar weekly. Throughout the week your team can send people to the registration page and allow you or an expert to do the actual selling during the webinar.

Tip 5: Always be selling: you absolutely must sell stuff to your downline and of course, the people who aren’t on your team. The way my strategy works, I have hundreds of people coming into my sales funnel. They see me, they hear me, and they watch and read my stuff. Then they’ll be exposed to an information product which puts money in my pocket right away. Then they’ll be taught to do a load of cool stuff that involves them purchasing things like domains, hosting and autoresponders. You can bank off all of those tools. You know the top guys in Amway make most of their money by selling tools to their downline? CD’s, books and all that crap. This tip can make the difference from you earning $100,000/year to $500,000/year. When you have an MLM organization, you have a massive group of buyers who have money to spend. Meaning you can sell them tools that’ll help them build the business.

Tip 6: Duplication Systems: As I was saying earlier, you can’t just recruit, recruit, and recruit. You need to have a duplication system in place so the reps you’re recruiting can actually get started making money. My biggest struggle throughout my Network Marketing career was duplicating my results past the first few levels of my downline. Seriously, you need tools, training and step by step action guides for your reps.  So you need a system in place that will educate your reps on Network Marketing and exactly how it works. Then you need marketing training (traffic generation etc), offline & online recruiting training, plus some stuff on duplication. Also, it’s my highest recommendation that you hold team training webinars at least once a week. If you want your team to produce results, motivate them.

-Leading the Elite


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