The Secret of Creating Rock Solid Confidence

The Secret of Creating Rock Solid Confidence

What you have to realize when it comes to presenting your business or product is the most important thing doesn’t come from the words you use in your presentation. It’s the confidence you have when you say them.
If you lack confidence it doesn’t matter how much studying you do you won’t be able to grow your business.
The key to creating rock solid confidence is to develop your beliefs.

Belief #1 – Your Industry
How much belief do you have in Network Marketing? Do you think it works? Do you see the true value it has to impact the lives of people you know?
For people struggling in this area I highly advise you pick up a copy of the following Robert Kiyosaki’s books
The Business School for People Who Like Helping People
Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant
In these books Kiyosaki explains the concept of owning your own business. If you are here you probably already have no doubt that a business can give you advantages you would never receive as an employee.
What he goes on to explain is the three types of business someone can create.
A Big Business like Apple or Coca Cola
A Franchises
A Network Marketing Business
By the time you finish the book you will realize that for the average person Network Marketing is one of the only ways people have to start their own business.
There are many reasons why Network Marketing is the only option for the average person. Some of them are:
You can work it part-time while keeping your full-time job
Your upline and the company can offer you education that will give you skills needed to run a business
You get support from people that have a genuine interest in helping you succeed
You can get started for usually around $500 bucks

Belief #2 – Your Primary Company
Make sure you do the research on your company. Is it solid?
This is something I can’t answer for you. Chances are that the company you are with is great, because there are plenty of awesome companies out there.
However, don’t make the mistake of building an organization with a company you can’t believe in or one that you doubt will be around down the road.
Some questions you can ask yourself:
Will their be people who need this company’s product 20 years from now?
Does the company have a proven track record?
What does the company do to ensure the success of it’s associates?
Does the management team have integrity?
If you already know your company is rock solid then ask yourself, What are the reasons?
Make sure you know the answers, and so it’s communicated to your prospects.

Belief #3 – The Product or Service You Are Promoting
Start taking your product if you haven’t already, and pay attention to the benefits it brings into your life.
And don’t just buy the product, try it, and then leave it on the shelf.
It’s hard to create belief in something you don’t have personal experience with. Use the product on a regular basis while you are building your business. It could take some time to see all the benefits.
Be prepared for a question that always comes up… How has the product worked for you?
Once you start to acquire some customers make sure you take the time to ask them how the product is working for them. Don’t be discouraged if some people are not seeing the results they expected. Not everybody takes the product how they should. You are looking for the people who do get results. If the product you are promoting is a quality product you will find them.
Once you have your personal experience and the stories from others you will be able to relay that to your customers and new team members.

Belief #4 – YOURSELF
The last but most important is belief in yourself!
Ask yourself, “Do I believe that I have what it takes to be successful in this industry?”
If you answered no then you need to decide what you are lacking to be successful. Once you figure it out you need to do whatever it takes to acquire those skills.
Belief in yourself is often the one I see people struggle with the most. It takes some people a little time to get it. It took me over a year!
You must start telling yourself over and over “I am the best”. Repeat it until you believe it! As a human being walking this planet you have the ability to do anything you want in life. You are unique and can provide value to people in a way that no other person can.

If you are still lacking in the area some things to do are:
Continue feeding yourself with motivational and educational information.
Create positive affirmations you tell yourself. Start out with “I am the best”.
Find people with a similar background who are already successful, and meet them.
Attend events aimed at improving yourself.
How I developed all 4 beliefs in less than a week

In my experience the best way to increase your belief in all 4 areas fast is to go to your company convention.
It requires an investment on your part and you may have to take vacation time, but in the end I know of no other way to develop your believe faster than a company convention. There is power in seeing the corporate headquarters, meeting the founders, and seeing usually thousands of people who have already created the success you are looking to achieve.
If you can develop these 4 beliefs you will be able to start speaking confidently in your presentations and before you know it you will be bringing new people into your organization on a regular basis. Once you have the confidence you become attractive to other people. People want to know and be associated with confident people who know where they are going.

-Leading the Elite


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