Don’t Be a Statistic, Focus on Results!

Don’t Be a Statistic, Focus on Results!

You see this all the time. Someone is excited about their network marketing opportunity but they let little things affect and steal their MLM dreams instead of staying focused. Here are some things to look out for and how you can stay on the right path to accomplish your goals.

Sad: Other Network Marketers
People that are outside of the industry cannot really help being negative about network marketing as it goes against everything “the system” has taught them, from kindergarten to PHD, we are taught to go to school, get a job, work hard and hopefully retire at a nice age (how has that worked out for most?). But, when someone that understands network marketing attempts to steal anothers dreams, it is pretty sad and quite scum-baggish.

Here is a common thing to watch out for that no leader would ever do but a lot of non-professionals do everyday. Person A joins a company, doesn’t have success due to whatever reason, joins another company and then targets all the people in their previous company badmouthing the company and how it is not growing, etc. This is the model of the weak. Instead of standing on the merits of their own company or the positive about their new company, they sink to a low level and just talk bad about the past company. The reality is that people can make money in almost any company and OF COURSE you are going to get people from other companies badmouth yours. IF their weak marketing affects your belief, in a way, you have already lost.

“Networkers that try to recruit by bashing other companies are idiots” – Ray Higdon

Stupidest Thing Networkers Do
If you want to rest assured on who NOT to join with, see if they bash a company they used to be with. This is a real simple test to see if they are absent of all professionalism and leadership. Believe me, I have been with 11 other network marketing companies that for one reason or another I did not have success with but that does mean I bash any of them. Anyone who bashes a past company is a total idiot as they should have at least learned something from that company and at least have gratitude that you learned something. That and it is just not professional and lets all raise the conversation of this industry by being professionals…share this if you agree!

If there is one thing that you cannot afford not to have, it’s belief. Don’t let someone steal your dreams and sidetrack you by believing someone with clear ulterior motives to try to bash what you are excited about. Obviously I love my primary company but if I talk to someone who is really fired up about their company, I act like a leader and encourage them to blow it up! The world needs more excited people and although I would love to work closer with everyone, I believe in abundance so I never have to bash another company.

The Standard Dream Stealers
The ones that tend to steal your dreams more are the ones close to you. Casualness causes casualty. A person close to you will voice their opinion (educated or not) much faster than a stranger. For some people that don’t understand this, their best bet is to focus on people they do not know or get postured quickly so they are bullet proofed from this very common phenomenon.

If you do not have people close to you telling you that network marketing is a scam, pyramid, illegal whatever, you probably have just not been talking to too many people. Here is a real easy way to answer the “Sounds like a pyramid” objection (at least for most companies). No, this isn’t a pyramid, we have an actual product..pyramid schemes don’t have a product and we clearly have one, any other questions?

Don’t Lose Your Dreams, Stay Focused
The MLM cemetary is littered with the corpses of people who have let others steal their dreams either by believing their obvious lies about a certain company or by letting friends that lack their desired lifestyle to talk them out of pursuing their dreams. Don’t be a statistic, stay on the path of those who have created amazing lifestyles and you will not be forced to live with regret and wonder what would have happened if you really went after your goals.

-Leading the Elite


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