MLM Success Secrets – How To Effectively Run A HOME Meeting

MLM Success Secrets – How To Effectively Run An Offline Meeting

These proven effective offline meeting secrets should have you closing prospects like a top network marketer in no time. Before I start, some of these things you may not agree on, but everything you read here works…

Let us begin with the “Etiquette Of The Meeting”. The presenter of the meeting is just that “The Presenter” not the table setter upper, the audio visual man, or anything else. His/Her purpose and task is to come in, give a show stopping presentation, schmooze shake hands mingle possibly help to close some people, and leave. With that said, the presenter should be dressed appropriately in business attire further emphasizing the image of a professional opportunity.

The appointed people should show up at least 30 to 15 minutes early for set-up. Here is where the mlm success secrets come into play. The room should be set up with less chairs than the amount of people you expect to show up. Let me explain the psychological effect here, if you come to a room full of chairs and only a handful of people show up the thought process is, hmmm, this opportunity is not that good they must have planned for a lot of people to come and hardly anyone showed up. Where as if the opposite occurs, the thought process is, boy they must not have planned on such a big turn out, this thing must be growing bigger than they anticipated.

The meeting ambiance…

Always have music playing in the background. Have something hip, but never vulgar playing lightly in the beginning as guests are filtering into the meeting. As the guests starts to show up turn the volume up luder not so loud that its blaring, but just loud enough that people will have to raise their voices a bit to talk to one another. Let me explain the psychological effect here for you to understand the reasoning. When people have to raise their voices to talk they actually begin to get more excited their heart rate increases and the blood pumps faster. This is what you want attentive and excited people in the meeting!!

You absolutely want to have beautiful greeters preferably female at the entrance of the room greeting and making everyone feel welcome as they come into the room. You also want to have someone who will be meeting and greeting guests and introducing them to reps within the organization of like minds. So if you know that John is bringing a prospect in who is a business owner you want to introduce him to Michael who is a rep in the company who is also a business owner. If you have Sarah coming who is a all around happy person introduce her to Nicole how is also a all around happy person. Match like minded people together in conversation before the meeting starts so they feel at ease by meeting like minded people they can connect with.

The next part of the meeting is the edification and introduction of the presenter if you don’t take any mlm success secrets from this article please take and apply this one. I don’t know if you are familiar with Michael Buffer by name, but if you have ever watched a professional boxing match he is the announcer that has coined the phrase “Lets get ready to Ruuuummmmmbbbbblllllllleeeeeee” his introductions are so well that he commands top dollar to do them he is the best of the best at what he does. The person who introduces the speaker should set up the speaker so well that when he comes to the stage the people are attentively waiting to hear what he has to say (this is call edification). Who ever has the job of edification should take some time to learn who the speaker is so they can give a jaw dropping edification of the presenter.

The first row of seats is set aside for representatives of the company only. Everyone that sits in this front row is there for a reason, they set the tone for the posture of the meeting since they are in front. When the presenter is speaking everyone in the first row should have notebooks out taking notes like its the first time they have heard the presentation. You can rotate out who does this. The other job is to sit in the attentive position, now you might say Stuart what is the attentive position? The attentive position is sitting leaning forward which portrays paying attention as well as giving energy to the speaker, absolutely no one that sits here should be slouching or leaning back in their chair! When the speaker tells a joke laugh, when he asks “with a raise of hands how many people…” the front row raises their hands. Everyone that sits here sets the tone for everyone behind them.

Overbearing cologne/perfume should not be worn, if you dont know if your cologne/perfume is overbearing dont wear any at all.

The close of the meeting…

Towards the end of the meeting there should be people coming around passing out applications to EVERYONE not just guests. You dont want to single out the guests and make them feel awkward or pressured. At this time the speaker will be about to say that famous line we all have heard and love,

“Get together with the person who invited you here”.

At this point the audio visual person starts the music back up again, you never want to have dead air in the room. Now is the time to check to see what your prospects are thinking.

-Leading the Elite


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