10 MLM Laws of Attraction


Well, here I’ve gathered 10 of the best MLM Law of Attraction tips that can help your business. Let’s explore them now:

1. Be As Specific & Clear As Possible

Your sub-conscious mind is like a child. So you need to make your intentions as clear as possible, that even a child can understand, for the MLM Law of Attraction to really work.

  • On which date do you want to hit diamond in your company?
  • How quickly do you plan to grow your business?
  • What kind of systems do you want to see your teams leveraging on?
  • What are your true goals in life & why you picked them?

2. Believe

It’s not just enough to have ‘wishful thinking’ and leave it at that. It needs to go a bit deeper inside. You need to really believe that you have achieved your goals.

  • Believe in your company
  • Believe in your upline/mentor
  • Believe in the leadership
  • Believe in YOURSELF

3. Get Emotional

When you set a goal for yourself, the key to making the law of attraction work, is when you touch your emotional cords.

  • Ask yourself WHY 5 times till you reach your emotional reason why you’re doing MLM
  • Connect your goals to emotional dates – Your birthday, anniversary, mother’s birthday, spouse’s birthday etc.
  • If you have goal that does NOT make you cry after having achieved it, then it’s not an emotionally strong enough goal to pursue.

4. Feel Good

If you really want MLM law of attraction to work for you, you need to do those things that are free from any mental, emotional or physiological friction in your body. Do things that make you feel good about yourself.

  • Pursue your hobbies and passions
  • Listen to some great music that brings back happy memories
  • Travel to places which make you feel happy and grateful
  • Tell your husband/wife how much you really love him/her

5. The Law Of Cause & Effect

What comes around, goes around. So while you’re building your MLM business, always keep in mind that the actions you do now will have positive or negative reaction, depending on what you do.

  • Start giving more time to your downlines and help them
  • Give more to charities
  • Love and respect every single person you meet

6. Give What You Want To Get

There is no one way traffic when it comes to MLM law of attraction. You have to genuinely start giving from your heart, if you want to get anything. This is also called the law of giving and receiving.

7. Act Like You Already Have What You Want

This is the big one! The law of attraction clearly states that you need to feel the feelings of already having what you want, before you actually have it in reality. Be it:

  • Your BMW/Mercedes Benz
  • Your dream home
  • Your life-partner
  • Your dream lifestyle
  • Your bank balance

8. Repeat Your Intentions

The more you make affirmations out of your goals, set it into your daily routine and repeat those words from your own mouth. There’s truly magic powers when the sound vibrations from your mouth, enter your own ears.

9. Your Attitude Of Gratitude

Gratitude is the FUEL to making the MLM law of attraction actually work. Once a week, take out a sheet of paper and start writing all the things you are grateful for in life. Let this also be felt emotionally. For example:

  • Your family
  • Your loving souse
  • Your up-bringing
  • Your past achievements
  • Your close friends
  • Your whole life

10. Create What You Want with Magic in Your Sleep

Dream time is a perfect time to help manifest a goal. Try this tonight: As you drift off to sleep, ask to become ONE with your goal, in heart and feeling. KNOW your goal is available in dreams. “I am one with money,” “I am one with health.”Whatever your goal is, breathe it in while going to sleep. Though it may not be here during the day yet, get familiar with its reality in dreams. Then, (and this is key), the next day, cultivate the ‘feeling of being one’ with your goal. How? By asking to receive it as energy in your body. You CAN accelerate your path to a goal. BE your goal in sleep and you will draw it to you in waking life.

-Leading The Elite


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