Following the “System” I was able to wake up every morning to every INBOX Loaded like this, everyday!

Photo: Following the "System" I was able to wake up every morning to every INBOX Loaded like this, everyday!

Please tell me about your success with my system!


13 responses to “Testimonials

  1. The system is a goldmine!
    Before the system my organization was small, and “good quality” leads were very hard to come by. After learning the system I was waking up to high quality leads in my inbox each day! These were also leads that were “already” peaked! In just a few short month’s my business is now exploding and in multiple international countries!
    I would definitely recommend this system for anyone “serious” about expanding your business!
    -William Burke, NC.

  2. Well am Troy Sackey, i just became a distributor about a month now. And was really finding it difficult getting people on-board (thus people to join the syntek company) until James Crothers introduced me into this system now am finding it much more easier bringing people to attend my weekly seminar .. so it’s a really good system and i recommend this for distributors out there… Thanks again James.


    -Troy Sackey, Accra, Ghana

  3. Ideas are gifts from God, for one to get a system like this,believe me the person must be a genius,i know one day i will meet with James Crothers i will definitely ask him how he saw the Star because this is just a GOLD MINE! WOW !!!
    -Edwin Mensah, Accra, Ghana

  4. This system is simple, easy to follow, and very effective! I have had success using this system in Facebook, and craigslist. In fact I found an AMAZING distributor in Italy all the way from Burlington, VT using the craigslist method. It’s SO easy, and you will definitely see results if you are persistent. thanks James!!!

    -Matt Nunan, VT

  5. Since learning and using James’s system I’ve been able to grow my business to multiple international markets. His system is easy to learn, even easier to follow and produces high quality leads with LITTLE financial investment. I would highly recommend this system and thank you for creating it and sharing it with all of us.

    -John Trahan of Vermont

  6. The Leading the Elite system is unique to any lead generation system I have ever encountered. James’ lead system utilizes social media to generate thousands of target marketed leads for your business. I have been using this method for months and have produced hundreds of new leads in markets in which I do business. I intend on using this system for the duration of the life of my business and plan on generating thousands of new leads. Thank you for the great lead generation at such an affordable price James and keep on Leading the Elite!

    Sara, VT.

  7. Amazing system ,easy to use . I have been using it for the last two weeks and already seeing results .I would definitely recommend this system for anyone “serious” about expanding your business!

    Phillip H., Jamaica

  8. If you’re sick and tired of dead leads then this will change your life! I would highly recommend this to anyone ! Thank you James!

    -Sergey Pasyuk. Sarasota, Florida

  9. I was having a hard time finding leads before I started using this system. That changed overnight !! It is very easy to follow and will have your inbox bursting with interested people from all over the world.
    Thanks James.

    Glenn Prolas – Ontario, Canada

  10. If you are looking for HIGH Quality leads for your business, then you NEED this marketing system! I always struggled to find good quality leads before I started using this system, and for the price you can’t beat it…It’s well worth over $100 easy for this information that Mr. Crothers provides for you. This system will more then jumpstart your business, it will take it to a whole another level!!

    -Jim St.Pierre, Mineville, NY

  11. Very well thought out system; I must let you know that this only works if you USE it, when you take advantage of James hard work developing this system, you will benefit from positive results. This is going to help you find that diamond in the rough, it is possible and has been done. I strongly suggest that you team up with James and his system, The system works and James is nothing but a class act. Keep it up partner and thank you for your hard work, dedication and keep inspiring all of us who get to work with you..

    Patrick McDonald, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.-

  12. I am using this system and it has generated me contacts all over the world. My business is starting to slowing grow from these leads.
    Jason Lichtenstein, Idaho Falls, ID.

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